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Classic Menu

La Taqueria ~Tacos
Take your pick from the following choices. Includes buffet table set up, condiments, plates and utensils (all recycle).

Al Pastor Tacos / Grill Pork Served with Pineapple and Onions.
Steak Tacos / Sliced Steak served with Pearl Onions.
Chicken Adobo Tacos / Braised Chicken Marinated in Adobo Sauce served with your Choice of Salsas.
Tacos de Lengua / Beef Tongue Marinated in Fresh Herbs, served with Salsa Taquera.
Tacos de Cabeza / A braised Beef Chicks braised and Served With Your Choice Of Salsa.

Guacamole and Pico de Gallo Bowl
Fresh Traditional Guacamole Served with Chips
Fresh Diced Pico de Gallo Served with Chips

La Tamaleria
Corn Masa Tamales Oaxaqueños Wrapped in Banana leaves

Mole Poblano style sauce tamal, roasted chicken breast
Tomatillo Habanero Salsa verde sauce tamal, roasted chicken breast
Vegetarian tamal rajas tomato sauce, Oaxaca cheese

Cheese Platter
Cheese & Fruit Platters / Seasonal Fresh Locals Fruits Served With Coconut Cream Sauce
Local and Imported cheeses / Berries, Baked Bread and Crackers

Ensaladas / Salads
Add...Crab Cakes, Chicken or Prawns

Ensalada De Cesar / Caesar Salad Romaine Hearts, Queso Fresco & Homemade
Croutons Tossed in a Caesar Dressing
Ensalada De La Casa con Vinagreta / House Salad Mixed Greens, Cucumbers,
Cherry Tomatoes Tossed in a Herb Vinaigrette

Postres / Desserts
Flan con Caramelo / Egg custard served with Agave caramel sauce
Tartaleta de Fruta / Seasonal berries tart
Helado de frutas Tipicas / Special ice cream made from seasonal fruit
Nieve de Fruta Tipica / Special sorbet made from seasonal fruit

Charolas de Aperitivos / Appetizers Tray
Seasonal Tomato Fresh Cheese / Fresh Herbs, Olive Oil, Vinaigrette and Bread.
Poblano Crab Dip / Artichokes and Crustiness.
Tinga / Shredded Chicken, Caramelized Onions Braised with Tomato Chipotle Sauce.
Ceviche / Seasonal Fish Served with Tomatillo salsa infused with citrus and chips.
Habanero Wings / Breaded Chicken Wings Tossed With Habanero Batter Sauce Served With Blue Cheese Dressing

Fruit and Vegetable Tray
Grilled or Crisp Seasonal Vegetables / Served with Blue Cheese Dressing.
Assorted Fruit / Served with Coconut Cream or Chille Piquin Sauce.

La Sopa del Dia / Soups
Crema de Vegetales de la Temporada / Cream of Seasonal Vegetables.
Sopa de Tortilla / Corn tortilla soup, bell peppers and fresh herbs.
La Sopa de Jitomate / Tomato soup.

Buffet Style
We offer the most traditional Mexican food:
Posole / Braised pork, hominy, lettuces onions cilantro oregano and corn tortilla chips.
Birria de Borrego / Braised lamb, garbanzo, rice and salsa, & peppers.

Carnitas / Citrus Pork served with two side dish.
Mole con Pollo / Chicken Breast served with Oaxaca style mole sauce, rice and beans.
Barbacoa de Borrego / Braised Lamb served with two side dish or Consome.

Pollo Almendrado / Baked Chicken Breast served with Almond Cream & Mushrooms.
Nacho Bar / Your choice of Meat, Served with Cheese Sauce, Queso Fresco, Sour Cream, Pico De Gallo & Guacamole