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La Taqueria ~Tacos / $20 per person
Take your pick from the following choices. Includes buffet table set up, condiments, plates and utensils (all recycle).

Al Pastor Tacos / Grill Pork Served with Pineapple and Onions.
Steak Tacos / Sliced Steak served with Pearl Onions.
Chicken Adobo Tacos / Braised Chicken Marinated in Adobo Sauce served with your Choice of Salsas.
Tacos de Lengua / Beef Tongue Marinated in Fresh Herbs, served with Salsa Taquera.

Guacamole and Pico de Gallo Bowl
Fresh Traditional Guacamole Served with Chips / $4 per person
Fresh Diced Pico de Gallo Served with Chips /
$4 per person

La Tamaleria
Corn Masa Tamales Oaxaqueños Wrapped in Banana leaves

Mole Poblano style sauce tamal, roasted chicken breast / $4 each
Tomatillo Habanero Salsa verde sauce tamal, roasted chicken breast / $4 each
Vegetarian tamal rajas tomato sauce, Oaxaca cheese / $4 each

Cheese Platter
Local and Imported cheeses / Berries, Baked Bread and Crackers / $4 per person

Ensaladas / Salads ~ $4 per person
Add...Crab Cakes, Chicken or Prawns for $3 per person

Ensalada De Cesar / Caesar Salad Romaine Hearts, Queso Fresco & Homemade
Croutons Tossed in a Caesar Dressing
Ensalada De La Casa con Vinagreta / House Salad Mixed Greens, Cucumbers,
Cherry Tomatoes Tossed in a Herb Vinaigrette

Postres / Desserts ~ $4 per person
Pastel de chocolate con fresa / Warm chocolate cake served with Strawberry ice
Flan con Caramelo / Egg custard served with Agave caramel sauce
Tartaleta de Fruta / Seasonal berries tart
Helado de frutas Tipicas / Special ice cream made from seasonal fruit
Nieve de Fruta Tipica / Special sorbet made from seasonal fruit

Charolas de Aperitivos / Appetizers Tray ~ $4 per person
Seasonal Tomato Fresh Cheese / Fresh Herbs, Olive Oil, Vinaigrette and Bread.
Poblano Crab Dip / Artichokes and Crustiness
Tinga / Shredded Chicken, Caramelized Onions Braised with Tomato Chipotle Sauce.
Ceviche / Seasonal Fish Served with Tomatillo salsa infused with citrus and chips.

Fruit and Vegetable Tray ~ $3 per person
Grilled or Crisp Seasonal Vegetables / Served with Blue Cheese Dressing.
Assorted Fruit / Served with Coconut Cream or Chille Piquin Sauce.

La Sopa del Dia / Soups ~ $4 per person
Crema de Vegetales de la Temporada / Cream of Seasonal Vegetables.
Sopa de Tortilla / Corn tortilla soup, bell peppers and fresh herbs.
La Sopa de Jitomate / Tomato soup.

Monte Carlo Sunday Buffet
We offer the most traditional Mexican food & live banda music
We help to cater your party at Monte Carlo Night Club (food & beverages available). When you hire us to cater, the facility is free.
Posole / Braised pork, hominy, lettuces onions cilantro oregano and corn tortilla chips.
Birria de Borrego /Braised lamb, garbanzo, rice and salsa.

Carnitas / Citrus Pork served with two side dish.
Mole con Pollo /Chicken Breast served with Oaxaca style mole sauce, rice and beans.
Barbacoa de Borrego / Braised Lamb served with two side dish or Consome

Paella / Traditional Spanish saffron rice served with Prawns, Chicken, Sausage & Peppers.

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