Los Agaves Brings the Best Burrito in WA in Food & Wine Magazine


We're proud to announce that Los Agaves at Pike Place has won a Food & Wine Magazine nomination for the best burrito in Washington State! Located in the bustle of Pike Place Market—which, despite its touristy vibe is filled with longtime Seattle businesses that locals still frequent—Los Agaves is a stone's throw from excellent croissants, Greek fare, and chowder galore. (The tell-tale line of the Pike Place Starbucks store nearby is recognizable and to be avoided.) It's in this commotion that you'll find the most unexpectedly great Mexican-American food in Seattle. Right off the bat, we'll admit that these are not Mexico City-style street tacos or Durango-style burritos, the kind that are so ripe on the streets of Los Angeles. To approximate that, you can head down south a couple miles to Rainier Valley, where you'll find a couple trucks set up along Rainier Avenue. The fare at these particular trucks can be a bit greasy, due to meat that's cooked at too low of a temperature, and thus sits in its pool of oil—but it's still satisfying. Los Agaves, however, wins our nomination for its execution of casual modern Mexican flavors. The meats are superbly spiced, and the queso is supremely cravable. Chef owner Jaime Mendez's skill and personality come through in every taco and burrito served. They're decidedly California-inspired, opting for garnishes beyond the cilantro and onion to which minimalists adhere; heavy on the fresh lettuce and tomato. Come with a friend, order a burrito and split an order of the nachos, which are a must get.