Mexican Street Food from the Los Agaves Pike Place Stand

Do you know what most Mexican food is actually like? And we don't mean Tex-Mex, but Mexican food as it exists in Mexico. Most of it isn't actually served smothered in melted cheese at sit-down restaurants with baskets of chips–in Mexico, street food is king, and most of Mexican cuisine is available at its best from street vendors. Mexico has one of the most vibrant street food cultures in the entire world. Mexico City makes pretty much every top 10 travel list when it comes to where to eat on the street (including Forbes) and you'll find a huge variety of different dishes across the length of the country. Mexicans call their street food antojitos, meaning "little cravings," because the streets of just about any Mexican city are always lined with delicious options that tempt just about everyone. Antojitos can take many forms, whether it's a tamale wrapped in a banana leaf from the Yucutan Peninsula, a taco of al pastor from just about anywhere. The main feature of most Mexican street food is corn–the "burrito" as we know it in America is a mostly American invention, as flour tortillas are the exception in most of Latin America. Corn tortillas, corn tamales, or roasted corn on the cob sprinkled with cojito cheese and spices are very common. A selection of different salsas is available at just about every taco stand, along with salt and lime for garnish. Los Agaves is proud to be bringing traditional Mexican street food to Seattle. You can find us serving up tacos al pastor or fresh ceviche every day this summer at our Pike Place Market location along with a selection of other favorites. The best thing about Mexican street food is that it's available just about everywhere you can find Mexican families, and we're keeping our tradition of antojitos alive right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest!